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Silicone use scene

source:Industry News release time:2024-01-24


  It can be used for molding high -voltage margin and other electronic components; for the production of TVs, computers, copy machines, etc. It is also used as a demand -resistant and durability formed gasket, packaging materials for electronic parts, and maintenance materials for automotive electrical parts. Can be used for the building and repair of houses, seal sealing of highway seams, reservoirs, and bridges. In addition, there are special uses of silicon rubber, such as conductive silicon rubber, medical silicon rubber, foam silicone rubber, mold silicon rubber, heat shrinkage silicon rubber, etc.

  Dual-component room temperature sulfide silicon rubber (referred to as RTV-2) has no single-component room temperature sulfide silicon rubber (RTV-1) for use, but its component ratio is rich in transformation. Products can also be deeply vulcanized, so it is widely used in industries such as electronic appliances, automobiles, machinery, construction, textiles, chemical industry, light industry, printing and other industries for insulation, packaging, embedded seams, seals, moisture -proof and earthquake resistance materials. In addition, because the RTV-2 has excellent demolition, it is used as a soft-molding material for the replication and manufacturing of cultural relics, crafts, toys, electronic appliances, mechanical parts, etc.

  Silicon rubber anti -noise earplugs: comfortable to wear, can well block noise, protect the eardrum.

  Silicon rubber fetal head attractor: simple operation and safe use can change according to the size of the fetal head. When attracted, the fetal scalp will not be sucked, which can prevent disadvantages such as scalp hematoma and intracranial injury. pain of.

  Silicon rubber artificial blood vessels: have extraordinary physiological functions, can be "intimate" with the human body, and human body does not exclude it. After a certain period of time, it will be fully adapted with human tissue, and the stability is extremely good.

  Silicon rubber drum repair tablet: its slice is thin and soft, and the smoothness and toughness are good. It is the ideal material for repairing the eardrum, and it is easy to operate and the effect is quite good.

  In addition, there are silicon rubber artificial trachea, artificial lungs, artificial bone, silicon rubber duodenal tube, etc., which are ideal. With the improvement and development of modern science and technology, silicone rubber in medicine will have a broader prospects.

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